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Small and fast PHP-engine for drawing bar charts, without using graphics libraries like GD, pure HTML + CSS only. Implemeted as PHP class. Data for rendering can be assembled "manually" or by passing SQL queries to the class method GatherData().
Legend titles can be a HREF's, "percents" row can be calculated automatically.

  • Status : FreeWare (GPL)

  • Updated: 16.01.2007 (
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    Class set for drawing "Property sheet" HTML code. It supports classic types: tab-style (pages switched by clicking upper tabs) and WIZARD-style, where pages navigated by Next-Previous-Finish buttons, with optional javascript functions fired on 'Next page' events.

    First published : 25.10.2006

  • Distribution model : GNU

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    Ready-to-use AJAX-based Site Administrator's workplace. With this package Yo can:
    • run SQL-queries on Your database, and get 'EXPLAIN PLAN' for them. Pre-defined queries sets can ve used. Three access level modes - ordinary user, admin with 'ONLY READING' queries, and full-access admin. Parameters can be used in queries.
    • Backing up SQL data to xml/gzip backup files.
    • Restoring SQL data from backups
    • File manager (download.upload.delete files on server)
    All tasks implemented as plugin modules, so it's easy to write Your own plugins. Empty stub plugin provided for this.

    Published : 03.03.2007

  • Distribution model : GNU

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