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Your company has a programmer team, and they develop information systems for the company. They use Microsoft Visual SourceSafe as a team source storage. Each programmer could work on particular software block. But what if all of them have to be compiled into one big application ? Who does the "final" compilation and distribute it across users ? What if two people compile a project on their computers with their local copy of all sources, but these copies are not the same ?
Sometimes "shit happens": programmer John just has finished his portion of code. He places it into VSS base, builds final application and publishes it into shared folder (all end users will auto-update on start from that folder). But at the same time programmer Bill has done the same, but during compiling he hasn't the last John's codes, so his compiled EXE module will differ from John's version. And he copies it into shared folder, overwriting the previous one. What do the end users get ?

Developer Team Compile Server (DTC Server) and Client were developed to avoid such cases. How does it works ?

  1. Somewhere on "Server" machine DTC server listens on special port, waiting for "client" connections from authorised programmers.
  2. When somebody connects, server check programmers login, password and passes the names of all projects that this progammers can build.
  3. Programmer chooses the desired application/project and presses button "Build": After recieving the "build" command server does the following sequence:
    1. gets latest version of source codes from VSS base;
    2. builds the project;
    3. performs post-build script (if configured) - for instance, here may be the main EXE module(s) packing, copying into shared folder/folders, and so on.
  4. Server sends notification to the client after finishing every step.

DevTeam Compile Server/Client 1.0 main features

  • Configurable access for each programmer to each project
  • Concurrent compiling/building of different projects
  • Access to the project beeing compiled is blocked from other programmers until process ends
  • Auto-update feature for DTC client module

This program is FREEWARE, but You encouraged to support future development. WebMoney accounts shown on the main page. No registration needed for full-functioning.

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