LogAn v.1.10 Build 117 (last update 06.05.2003)

Logan is a small and fast Log analyzer, it scans MDaemon (corporate mail server) and WinGate (proxy-server) log files.

LogAn analyzes logs and saves results into ordinal text files, structured in INI form, or into MySQL database. Results can be viewed in any browser, all needed PHP scripts for You intranet web-server included. Information is saved by month, with summary and detailed data per every login.

The only stats for MDaemon is a month summary for every internal mail login: incoming and outgoing traffic for accounts registered in MDaemon are saved. Local traffic between users isn't accounted. (You don't pay for it to Your Internet provider, right ?) It's possible to account up to eight local mail domains (and You can count them as one big domain, or separately).

Wingate statistics include the following reports:

  • by Wingate logins
  • by client computer IP addresses
  • Summary per-site month traffic
  • Detailed "traffic for site" report for every Wingate user and every client machine IP address
  • up to four Wingate servers can be handled by one LogAn instance.

LogAn can work in cooperation with WgLog utility, that saves traffic "snapshot" for Wingate.

You might need some Microsoft libraries for normal working ( MFC42,MSVCRT, wininet.dll )
If You plan to save result into MySQL database, You'll have to copy libmysql.dll file from Your MySQL app folder into LogAn folder. Or You can download it from this site : right here.
First release date - 18.06.2002
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