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  19.04.2008 Site is moving to

At last I've created "real" site, Welcome and dont wait new files or news here - all of them will come on that site only. Refresh Your bookmarks :)

  16.01.2007 Update in PHP modules

New version of as-diagrams module published. See details in manual.

  25.10.2006 News PHP-script - as_propsheet

New script published - as_propsheet, it draws property sheets using HTML+DHTML. Property sheets may be of TAB- or WIZARD-style. Details...

  26.00.2005 New topic open - "PHP codes"

In a new area, PHP codes, small script code published, as-diagrams. This is a fast, simple and nice looking bar chart drawing engine (doesn't use gd).

  05.05.2005 Big Update day
  1. Today the site design has changed "a little", all programs now reside in software folder, download zone added.
  2. The very new version (in alpha status) of GUL Downloader 3.0 released. (GUL stands for "Get Url List") What's new list is quite large, see it here. In short:
    • Gul became multi-threaded
    • Distributed download for huge files added
    • inter-program communication through email
    • a lot of other tasty features

  01.10.2004 New program released - DevTeam Compile Server 1.0
DtcServer is a client-server utility for "remote" (centralyzed) building program projects See description and download it. It's FreeWare !

  06.05.2003 LogAn 1.10
Updated version of LogAn has released. LogAn is a small and fast WinGate & MDaemon log analyzer. Now results can be saved in MySQL base.

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